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'Lauren Cochrane's The Ten is the definitive one-stop guide to fashion's most essential and iconic styles, with an unrivalled collection of the fashion industry's authoritative voices – from mainstream icons to underground figures – shedding light on the cultural and personal impact of classics that will never date. The perfect gift and resource for anyone with an interest in style.’ – Sara McAlpine, Fashion Features Editor, ELLE


White T-shirt, Miniskirt, Hoodie, Jeans, Ballet flat, Breton top, Biker jacket, Little black dress, Stiletto, Trench.

What are you wearing? In all likelihood, your outfit will feature at least one of these 10 items. Familiar, commonplace, ubiquitous - each piece has become an emblem of a certain style, carrying its own connotations and historical significance. Our social history is contained within these perfect 10 pieces - while trends may come and go, these are here to stay.

The Perfect 10 includes deep dive explorations into each item's history, how it gained its reputation, and what it means today, accompanied by stylish photography and illustrations, as well as interviews with notable proponents of each item. From the evolution of the white T-shirt from army staple to symbol of achingly cool simplicity, the hoodie's birth in the monasteries of Rome to its domination of streetwear, and the transition of the stiletto from the feet of fifteenth-century Iranian equestrians to those of New York businesswomen, The Perfect 10 puts fashion in context. Showing how certain pieces are just as ubiquitous on the catwalk as on the street, Lauren Cochrane's crucial volume defines the fashion items that make up your wardrobe, and how they got there, providing the perfect excuse for the reader to wear them time and time again.