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Bella Sera Boutique


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Elevate your style and surroundings with Bella Sera Boutique – Because every day deserves a touch of beauty.

Bella Sera was established to provide a curated collection of clothing that beautifully pairs with the accessories of our sister store, Knock Knock Boutique. After years of dreaming, and late night planning, Bella Sera opened in October 2019. Inspired by our name, we want to help you make every night and every day beautiful.

hear what our customers have to say

"My boyfriend and I came in today and the manager working was amazing. She was very friendly and helpful through our time there. The store itself was wonderful as well and prices were very fair. This is definitely a place to stop at if you’re in Hershey!"


"Really cute boutique with pretty good prices and a lot of small items to be found! So much variety. Would recommend to find a nice summer outfit(s). The staff was very welcoming and accommodating, so I would recommend! Also they had the cutest interior and displays."


"I loved how the clothing was organized and everything in the store was organized perfectly. They had the prettiest crystals and tons of unique items you wouldn't see in other stores."