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My Saint My Hero

My Saint My Hero: Faith meets fashion. Discover meaningful jewelry with profound messages, inspired by sacred traditions. Embrace the power of faith, hope, and love in every piece. Carry a reminder of blessings with you, wherever you go. Welcome to My Saint My Hero.

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Breathe Blessing Bracelet
Breathe Blessing Bracelet Sale price$18.00
Blessing Bracelet
Blessing Bracelet Sale price$30.00
Serenity Blessing Bracelet
Miraculous Mary Bracelet
Miraculous Mary Bracelet Sale price$34.00
Saints & Heroes Bracelet
Saints & Heroes Bracelet Sale price$34.00
Godmother Morse Code BraceletGodmother Morse Code Bracelet
Be Not Afraid BraceletBe Not Afraid Bracelet
Be Not Afraid Bracelet Sale price$36.00
Miracles Rosary Wrap Bracelet
Say Yes Miraculous Mary Bracelet
Protection Archangel Michael Bracelet
Gratitude Blessing BraceletGratitude Blessing Bracelet
Words of Wisdom Bracelet - Love
Words of Wisdom Bracelet - Blessed
Saints & Heroes Bracelet
Saints & Heroes Bracelet Sale price$34.00
Be The One Bracelet
Be The One Bracelet Sale price$36.00