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SoulKu: Mindful jewelry for intentional living. Embrace meaningful accessories crafted with natural gemstones and positive intentions. Empower your journey and make a difference with every purchase. Welcome to SoulKu, where mindfulness meets style.

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Blue Lace Agate Luxe Necklace - ConfidenceBlue Lace Agate Luxe Necklace - Confidence
Luxe Labradorite - TransformationLuxe Labradorite - Transformation
Green Onyx Luxe Necklace - BereavementGreen Onyx Luxe Necklace - Bereavement
Prasiolite Sacred Necklace - Heart OpenerPrasiolite Sacred Necklace - Heart Opener
Luxe Iolite - Live Your DreamLuxe Iolite - Live Your Dream
Intention Necklace African Turquoise - GrowthIntention Necklace African Turquoise - Growth
Amazonite Sacred Necklace - CourageAmazonite Sacred Necklace - Courage
Rhodonite Luxe Necklace - Self LoveRhodonite Luxe Necklace - Self Love
Amethyst Sacred Necklace - HealAmethyst Sacred Necklace - Heal
Intention Necklace Botswana Agate - ChangeIntention Necklace Botswana Agate - Change
Luxe Amethyst - HealingLuxe Amethyst - Healing
Luxe Amethyst - Healing Sale price$39.00
Dream Catcher Rose Quartz - LoveDream Catcher Rose Quartz - Love
Dream Catcher Quartz Crystal - HarmonyDream Catcher Quartz Crystal - Harmony
Labradorite Sacred Necklace - TransformLabradorite Sacred Necklace - Transform
Prehnite Sacred Necklace - ProtectPrehnite Sacred Necklace - Protect
Prasiolite Luxe Necklace- Heart OpenerPrasiolite Luxe Necklace- Heart Opener
Intention Sodalite - ConfidenceIntention Sodalite - Confidence
Soul-Full Necklace - Blue Gold StoneSoul-Full Necklace - Blue Gold Stone
Courage Intention Necklace - AmazoniteCourage Intention Necklace - Amazonite
Dream Catcher Black Onyx - StrenghtDream Catcher Black Onyx - Strenght
Dream Catcher Amazonite - CourageDream Catcher Amazonite - Courage
Soul Full Tiger Eye - EmpowermentSoul Full Tiger Eye - Empowerment
Intention Rose Quartz - LoveIntention Rose Quartz - Love
Intention Necklace - CarnelianIntention Necklace - Carnelian
Dream Catcher Green Aventurine - HealingDream Catcher Green Aventurine - Healing
Little Wishes Kids Necklace- Amazonite
Alchemy Necklace Chalcedony - Be the Light
Alchemy Necklace Moonstone - Sisterhood
Alchemy Necklace Black Onyx - Stress Relief
Lapis Luxe Necklace - Queen
Soul Full Sodalite Necklace - Confidence
Little Wishes Kids Necklace- Amethyst
Sky Blue Topaz Refined Necklace - New Beginnings
Citrine Refined Necklace - Manifest
Smoky Quartz Refined Necklace - ReleaseSmoky Quartz Refined Necklace - Release
Turquoise Luxe Necklace - FriendshipTurquoise Luxe Necklace - Friendship
Luxe Black Sunstone - Self-HealingLuxe Black Sunstone - Self-Healing
Luxe Rhodonite - Self LoveLuxe Rhodonite - Self Love
Little Wishes Kids Necklace- Sodalite
Soul Full Aventurine Necklace - Prosperity
Little Wishes Kids Necklace- Blue Goldstone
Little Wishes Kids Necklace- Howlite
Snowflake Obsidian Sacred Necklace - Wisdom