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Classic Coconut White Tiny Hair ClipClassic Coconut White Tiny Hair Clip
Classic Fortune Locket // Platinum-DippedClassic Fortune Locket // Platinum-Dipped
Classic Jet Black Small Hair ClipClassic Jet Black Small Hair Clip
Sold outClassic Tortoise Medium Hair ClipClassic Tortoise Medium Hair Clip
Coconut White Medium Flat Round ClipCoconut White Medium Flat Round Clip
Courage Intention Necklace - AmazoniteCourage Intention Necklace - Amazonite
Crossing Labradorite Ring
Crossing Labradorite Ring Sale price$34.00
Double Faceted Stone Ring - Labradorite
Double Faceted Stone Ring - Moonstone
Dream Catcher Black Onyx - StrenghtDream Catcher Black Onyx - Strenght
Dream Catcher Green Aventurine - HealingDream Catcher Green Aventurine - Healing
Dream Catcher Quartz Crystal - HarmonyDream Catcher Quartz Crystal - Harmony
Dream Catcher Rose Quartz - LoveDream Catcher Rose Quartz - Love
Dwell in Hope Braided Bracelet - Brown/GoldDwell in Hope Braided Bracelet - Brown/Gold
Emerald Ring
Emerald Ring Sale price$56.00
Engraved Bar Pendant: Embrace the Future - 14K Gold-Plated SilverEngraved Bar Pendant: Embrace the Future - 14K Gold-Plated Silver
Engraved Bar Pendant: Manifest Good - Sterling SilverEngraved Bar Pendant: Manifest Good - Sterling Silver
Envelope Fortune LocketEnvelope Fortune Locket
Envelope Fortune Locket Sale price$78.00
Evil Eye PendantEvil Eye Pendant
Evil Eye Pendant Sale price$48.00
Fortune Cookie String BraceletFortune Cookie String Bracelet
Fortune Pendants: "Free Spirits" - 14K Gold-DippedFortune Pendants: "Free Spirits" - 14K Gold-Dipped
Fortune Pendants: "Free Spirits." - Sterling SilverFortune Pendants: "Free Spirits." - Sterling Silver
Fortune Pendants: "What you are seeking" - Sterling SilverFortune Pendants: "What you are seeking" - Sterling Silver
Fortune Pendants: "You will see it." - 14K Gold-DippedFortune Pendants: "You will see it." - 14K Gold-Dipped
Fortune Pendants: "You will see it." - Sterling SilverFortune Pendants: "You will see it." - Sterling Silver
Ganesh Ring
Ganesh Ring Sale price$28.00
Geode Leather Cuff
Geode Leather Cuff Sale price$145.00
Godmother Morse Code BraceletGodmother Morse Code Bracelet
Gratitude Blessing BraceletGratitude Blessing Bracelet
Green Amethyst RingGreen Amethyst Ring
Green Amethyst Ring Sale price$56.00
Green Onyx Luxe Necklace - BereavementGreen Onyx Luxe Necklace - Bereavement
Handmade Coin Necklace XL
Handmade Coin Necklace XL Sale price$108.00
Holy Mother Intaglio Necklace
Holy Mother Intaglio with Czech beads
Honeycomb Fortune LocketHoneycomb Fortune Locket
Honeycomb Fortune Locket Sale price$78.00
Intention Necklace - CarnelianIntention Necklace - Carnelian
Intention Necklace Botswana Agate - ChangeIntention Necklace Botswana Agate - Change
Intention Rose Quartz - LoveIntention Rose Quartz - Love
Intention Sodalite - ConfidenceIntention Sodalite - Confidence
Jet Black Medium Flat Round ClipJet Black Medium Flat Round Clip
Jewelry PostcardsJewelry Postcards
Jewelry Postcards Sale price$20.00
Labradorite Ring
Labradorite Ring Sale price$56.00
Labradorite Sacred Necklace - TransformLabradorite Sacred Necklace - Transform
Lady of Perpetual Help Necklace
Lapis Luxe Necklace - Queen
Large Hair Coils -  Coconut WhiteLarge Hair Coils -  Coconut White
Large Hair Coils -  Crystal ClearLarge Hair Coils -  Crystal Clear
Large Hair Coils -  For the Love of NudesLarge Hair Coils -  For the Love of Nudes