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Lava Necklace + Essential Oil
Lava Necklace + Essential Oil

Lava Necklace + Essential Oil

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Why use lava stone to diffuse your oils?

Due to their naturally porous surface, lava stones hold the scent of oil for several hours. When applied directly to the skin, essential oils absorb into your bloodstream, which is beneficial for you. If you're looking to hold the scent longer, lava is the answer you've been looking for. Here's how to use your new diffuser necklace, it's as easy as one, two, three...

    1. Add a drop or two to one or multiple lava stones
    2. Turn the stone in your fingers until the oils soak in
    3. Put on and enjoy!

Pick your Essential Oil Blend:

  • Courageginger, frankincense, wild orange and geranium
    • Dreamsandalwood, lavender, bergamot and spearmint
    • Clarity: cardamom, lavender, frankincense and wintergreen
    • Balancecedar wood, lemon, peppermint and marjoram 



    • Finish: Gold Filled Chain
    • Length: 16"
    • Pendant: Lava Triangle Stone
    • Oils: 6, 5ml essential oil roller perfume blends